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Egypt’s Government Plans New Capital City

Egypt‘s administration is intending to fabricate another capital city inside the coming decade. The new city, which has no name yet, will be worked among Cairo and the Red Sea. The new capital is required to have a region of 700 square km, about the size of Singapore, and be home to at any rate 5 million individuals.

Egyptian specialists guarantee that building another capital will help ease clog in Cairo, Africa’s biggest city, which at present has a populace of around 20 million. In the event that Egypt‘s capital continues developing at such a rate Cairo’s populace will ascend to 40 million individuals by the center of the century.

Government workplaces, remote consulates and different associations will be moved to the new capital, when it is done. The new city will likewise fill in as training center with new schools, schools and colleges. An advanced worldwide air terminal, significantly bigger than Heathrow, is additionally arranged. The new city will depend intensely on sun based force as the primary wellspring of vitality. New motorways and railroad lines are to connect the funding to Cairo and the Suez Canal.

As indicated by the administration, assembling another city without any preparation will give a lift to Egypt‘s frail economy. The individuals who bolster the task say that over a million new openings will be made.

Notwithstanding, Egypt must collect a colossal measure of cash for its new capital. Development of the new city is going to cost more than 45 billion US dollars. The majority of the cash will originate from huge speculation organizations in the United Arab Emirates.

Egypt isn’t the primary nation to move its capital city. In 1991 Nigeria moved its capital from Lagos to Abuja, as of late Myanmar’s military rulers left Rangoon and set up another legislature in a remote zone more than 200 miles toward the north. The most conspicuous capital city is Brasilia, which was worked without any preparation during the 1960s.

Egypt‘s administration anticipates that numerous individuals should move from overpopulated Cairo to live and work in the new city. The Egyptian capital adapts to the standard issues of a megacity – air contamination, day by day car influxes, waste and high lodging expenses.

Egypt is likewise chipping away at another uber venture the broadening of the Suez Canal. Right now, the channel, fabricated very nearly two centuries prior, enables boats to go in just a single heading. Egyptian specialists have gotten subsidizing from Gulf States to make the trench bigger.

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